Systemic Chronic Inflammation, the Root Cause of All Age-Related Disease

Edifice Health is based on a 10 year, NIH funded research initiative from Stanford University, the Stanford 1,000 Immunomes Project.

Using state-of-the-art ‘omics’ platforms and advanced artificial intelligence methods, the Stanford team developed the world’s first biomarker composite scoring system to measure immune health and the Inflammatory Age® of an individual.

Our Science

Providing previously unattainable insights into personalized health.

This new metric for Systemic Chronic Inflammation predicts cumulative damage, as measured by the accumulation of up to 10 diseases of aging:

  • Cancer

  • Cardiovascular

  • Respiratory

  • Gastrointestinal

  • Urologic

  • Neurologic

  • Endocrine-metabolic

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Genital-reproductive

  • Psychiatric

Our Solutions

Meet our team of industry pioneers with considerable academic and research expertise in immunology and age-related diseases.

We’re on a global mission with personalized interventions to expand our healthspan.

Meet Our Team

At Edifice Health, we believe in long term relationships and offering different partnership models for different groups. We know that working together to build on critical data in immune health and immune aging is key to increasing healthspan and reducing global disease burden.

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