Inflammatory Age®, iAge®

A new metric for general health which predicts a variety of chronic illnesses, is based on the largest database for human immunity and aging, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms.

Knowing your iAge®,
the step toward taking control of your health

Inflammatory Age® is a new metric that predicts multi-morbidity and immune decline and provides actionable items to improving your immune health. The score is calculated from a standard blood draw and can be measured once to give a snapshot profile, or tracked over time to give a measurement of longitudinal changes of the effect of interventions.

People with an iAge® score above the diagonal are prone for disease and early onset of age-related diseases. People below the diagonal are healthy.

What do the results of my iAge® test tell me about my overall health?

  • My systemic chronic inflammation level with respect to the normal/reference values derived from the Stanford 1000 immunomes project.
  • My adaptive immune system health
  • What my inflammatory/immune age is in relation to my chronological age.
  • What actions I can take now to:
  • Lower my systemic chronic inflammation levels

  • Improve my immune health
  • Improve my overall health

Improve my iAge® score

Based on the iAge® test results, Edifice Health has identified over 150 actionable interventions suggested to improve your iAge® score. These include specific combinations of nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, medical foods, prescription drugs, and life-style modification.

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