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Chronic inflammation in the etiology of disease across the life span

By David Furman, Judith Campisi, Eric Verdin, Pedro Carrera-Bastos, Sasha Targ, Claudio Franceschi, Luigi Ferrucci, Derek W. Gilroy, Alessio Fasano, Gary W. Miller, Andrew H. Miller, Alberto Mantovani, Cornelia M. Weyand, Nir Barzilai, Jorg J. Goronzy, Thomas A. Rando, Rita B. Effros, Alejandro Lucia, Nicole Kleinstreuer and George M. Slavich

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Although intermittent increases in inflammation are critical for survival during physical injury and infection, recent research
has revealed that certain social, environmental and lifestyle factors can promote systemic chronic inflammation (SCI) that can,
in turn, lead to several diseases that collectively represent the leading causes of disability and mortality worldwide, such as
cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and autoimmune and
neurodegenerative disorders. In the present Perspective we describe the multi-level mechanisms underlying SCI and several
risk factors that promote this health-damaging phenotype, including infections, physical inactivity, poor diet, environmental
and industrial toxicants and psychological stress. Furthermore, we suggest potential strategies for advancing the early diagnosis,
prevention and treatment of SCI.

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